Reserved area


Reseducationis is an education history web portal thought up by researchers from different italian and foreign universities. as grounded on the Net collaboration possibility it is opened to the contribution of all interested students and researchers.

The original project has been financed with COFIN and Interlink funds, ascribed to the universities of:

  • Turin
  • Macerata
  • Udine
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Padova
  • Genova
  • Molise
  • INRP (Paris)
  • UNIED (Madrid)
  • Georg Eckert Institut (Braunsweig)

The scientific committee to which the project leads is composed by: Anna Ascenzi, Gianfranco Bandini, Carmen Betti, Paolo Bianchini, Franco Bochicchio, Pino Boero, Giorgio Chiosso, Alain Choppin, Mirella D’Ascenzo, Maria Cristina Morandini, Gabriela Ossenbach, Elisabetta Patrizi, Falk Pingel, Tiziana Pironi, Roberto Sani, Fabio Targhetta, Raffaele Tumino, Patrizia Zamperlin, Alberto Barausse.

By now, the areas composing RES educationis are all referring to the same person in charge to whom it is possible to apply if interested in collaboration or to get materials and information if by chance not available on the website.